DennisWelcome to OSRS.TIPS
Hello and welcome everyone to OSRS.TIPS

This is a brand new community forum for both versions of RuneScape. Primarily we're more focused on the OSRS aspects and relations but we do enjoy RS3 content as well, not to mention still plenty of other players enjoy as well.

Anyways, is the #1 runescape community hub that's focused on several important aspects in which are heavily overlooked and not properly taken care of in the runescape scene.

Some of the features that has and is not limited to is some of the following,

  • FPP - Forum Posting Payouts (YES! You can make money by posting on the forum, OSRS/RS3 Supported)

  • Unique Leveling 'rpg-esk' (Posting on the forum will level up your forum player, and stat gains, like rs HA!)

  • Forum shop for your to spend your hard earned GP on Rares, Weapons, Armor, etc... (You can Buy, Sell, Trade, Showoff)

  • YouTube & Twitch FREE & Premium advertisements (Forum & discord)

  • Giveaways that range from OSRS, RS3, IRL

  • Unique Market scene (Forum & discord. Buying, Selling, Services, miscellaneous)

  • Active Twitch Streamers in discord

  • 2007scape reddit feed (via discord, pulls latest posts from the reddit directly, no more sifting trough the reddit)
There's plenty more, but those are some of the highlights of what currently has to offer.

With a growing active community on the horizon can only grow stronger from here and help promote those who work hard ever single day to become recognized in the broadcasting scene.

On behalf of the development team, thank you for reading. If you have any questions check the FAQ section or DM a Staff member, or fellow user. Be sure to join the Official Discord Server.

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