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Promoting FAQ

Okay, at some point every stream or youtube broadcaster has been there or is there currently, but there's got to be a way out right? YES! at last you can promote yourself or others directly to the viewers!

How does it work?
You can advertise yourself or others on the Discord Channel. Including for free via #free channel (10 minute cool down).

Is there premium advertisement spots available?
Yes, to get even more views and that awesome 'special attention', for a low cost you can have your Twitch Stream or YouTube channel promoted directly on the website and discord channel!

How much is Premium advertisements?
At a low cost of only $5 you can have premium advertisement spot, and if you feel like you need a bump to #1 spot you can for only $1!

Are there requirements for Premium advertisement spot?
Supply a promotional picture that describes your Channel/Stream the best, as well as additional information about yourself and the Channel/Stream.

How can I further support OSRS.TIPS?
By donating to our Patreon page you'll be able to recieve an exclusive Discord role known as "Supporter" for only $1! Inexpensive and a great way to show your support.

How can I buy an advertisement banner spot?
Contact Gorvek directly on Discord or via email: Click here

Who's develops osrs.tips?
Visit Team page to view the developers behind osrs.tips